Looking to Hire?

Talent Management Services

Taking the guesswork out of new hires

Talent Management Services is not your typical employment service. We’re DIFFERENT. We’re DIFFERENT in that we help businesses be very strategic about their hiring.

We do this by providing them with BETTER JOB CANDIDATES

These candidates are better prepared than others because:

  • We spend every day with them for 6 weeks
  • We get to know potential candidates
  • We find out if candidates are MOTIVATED, RELIABLE, and DEPENDABLE
  • We only endorse candidates who are READY TO WORK and EMPLOYABLE

How can Talent Management Services help your business?

  • FREE assistance with on-boarding new job candidates
  • Excellent job matches because we get to know candidates through extensive pre-employment training
  • Our candidates retain jobs longer = more long-term employees for your business and less $$$ spent on recruiting/training new staff
  • Our candidates meet your needs. We have long-term employer partners across all business sectors (e.g. heavy & light industrial, retail, administration, communications, security, etc.)
  • FREE one-on-one on-site job support for all new hires
  • Employers can re-engage on-site job support whenever it is needed, even months after initial hire